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Shop for All Hollywood Feed Brand Products

Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed is the brand that started it all. From humble beginnings in 2006 and a desire to do what is right comes the brand you have come to know and love today. At Hollywood Feed, we have always believed in doing what is right for our customers. We take pride in the services we offer, the products we sell, and the pets and people we help every day. That’s why we stand by our Hollywood Feed Promise: "If your pet doesn't love it, or you don't love it, we'll gladly replace or refund it."

Shop for Georgia Smoked Dog Treats

Georgia Smoked

Hollywood Feed does things differently. Instead of going to China to produce our pet jerky products, we went to Georgia. We believe it’s important to craft exceptional products in the communities we serve. Our Georgia Smoked line was born in 2016, and we have continued to expand the selection. Georgia Smoked Treats feature unique, single source proteins like Boar and Venison and offer classic favorites with the Chicken and Salmon varieties, all while ensuring safety and quality.

Shop for Made in South America Products

Made in South America

Hollywood Feed is a different breed of pet supply store. So when we experienced shortages on our customers’ favorite dog chews in 2018, our team set out to produce our own line of dog chews. We found a supply of exceptional quality items made by family businesses; which allowed us to create our Made in South America line to provide our customers with the quality products they love. Made in South America chews are produced in Brazil to supply you with a premium natural product that raises the standards for dog chews. Cattle in Brazil grow up free-range, grass-fed, chemical-free, and hormone-free; so we can offer the best quality dog chews all while ensuring product safety. Our Made in South America assortment features a variety of bully sticks, bones, esophagus chews, ears, and more to accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages.

Shop for Mississippi Made Profucts

Mississippi Made

Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made dog beds, collars, and leashes were born in 2012 out of a simple idea that has turned into a promise to our customers: be resourceful, not wasteful, and made in America still means something to us. Hollywood Feed’s Mississippi Made dog beds, collars, and leashes are all USA made products. When the Mississippi Made dog bed patterns are cut from the textiles, the surplus fabric is collected and used to make our dog collars and dog leashes. This results in a comfortable and practical leash and collar for your dog, and you have peace of mind knowing it was made locally and ethically.

Shop for New York Made Products

New York Made

At Hollywood Feed, we know that life with pets can be messy. In 2019, we started our New York Made Stain & Odor Remover line designed to combat those messes effectively and safely while being 100% sourced in the USA. Our New York Made Stain & Odor Removers use natural and organic ingredients; so they’re not your typical household cleaners. Our cleaners use a unique blend of enzymes, organic surfactants, and filtered water to break down and eliminate greasy stains and organic stains like urine, feces, vomit, and mud. Using a specialized enzymatic blend to get rid of offensive odors, it is also environmentally friendly, gentle, and safe for use around pets and kids.

Shop for Ohio Made Profucts

Ohio Made

Made in America used to mean something, and at Hollywood Feed it still does. Launched in 2015, our Ohio Made line of collars, leashes, and harnesses is still no exception. Hollywood Feed Ohio Made products feature high-quality designs all while being made in the USA. Ohio Made collars and harnesses come in a wide variety of adjustable size ranges so they are guaranteed to fit dogs of almost every size. Each collar and harness has a matching leash so your dog can wear a complete set, and you can choose from several colors and patterns.

Shop for Carolina Made Brand Dog Treats

Carolina Made

At Hollywood Feed, we believe in doing what’s right for our customers. That means providing high-quality products at the best prices while placing your pet’s well-being as the ultimate priority. Doing what’s right also means making those products here in the communities we serve. Launched in 2024, Hollywood Feed Carolina Made Single-Ingredient Slab Jerky and Chip treats are USA made in North Carolina. All proteins – including the chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and elk – are sourced locally from USA farms. Even the bags are made right here in the USA. Prime muscle meat is fresh and slow roasted on open racks to retains its natural wholesomeness and flavor. You can trust the quality and simplicity of the ingredients we use, and your dogs will taste the difference.

Shop for Prudence Products


Hollywood Feed started carrying Prudence supplements in 2013, and we loved the products so much that we made the brand our own in 2017. Our Prudence line of dog supplements help maintain your dog's gut and immune health, puppy cognitive health, skin and coat health, and hip & joint health. Prudence supplements can help your aging pet and your puppy throughout their life starting with our Puppy I.Q., krill oil, immune health, and adding in hip and joint health.

Shop for Colorado Made Brand Cat Litter Products

Colorado Made Cat Litter

Made in America used to mean something, and at Hollywood Feed it still does. Our Colorado Made line of cat litter is no exception. Launched in 2015, our Hollywood Feed Colorado Made Cat Litter products feature high-quality litter at an unbeatable price all while being made in the western USA. This clumping litter offers superior odor control to other kitty litters and is great for multi-cat households. Our litter also has a guarantee of no odor for up to 30 days!

Shop for Wisconsin Made Products

Wisconsin Made

Made in America used to mean something. At Hollywood Feed, it still does. When we decided to create our own line of premium rawhide chews in 2020, we went to Wisconsin; so we could create an exceptional rawhide product in the communities we serve. Our Wisconsin Made Rawhide is always 100% made and sourced in the USA. Wisconsin Made Rawhide is created from a single-sheet of hide because your pet's safety is our top priority. Raised and made on American soil, our Wisconsin Made Rawhide chews help sustain our farming communities and American jobs while providing a high-quality chew for your dog.