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Hollywood Feed White Logo


Helping pets is in our founding principles. Join Hollywood Feed in giving back to local rescues, shelters, and community partners through donations.

Let's Make A Difference Together

At Hollywood Feed, we love helping pets thrive. That means supporting the local community by providing a place for rescues to host adoption days on a regular schedule, collecting donations, and partnering on outreach events and sponsorships for a greater community commitment to animal welfare.

Even if you cannot adopt another pet, you can provide much needed support by donating to your local shelters and rescue organizations at any Hollywood Feed location or through our website (Rescue Donations).

Helping Pets In Need

Since 2006, we have donated over $5,000,000 in pet food & pet supplies to help local rescue & shelter pets live better lives.

600+ Partners Served
2M+ lbs of food donated
$5M+ of pet products donated
3M+ Meals donated to shelter pets
Weekly rescue events in store!

Two Types Of Partners

Rescue Partners

Our Rescue Partners play a crucial role in saving homeless dogs and cats whether they're coming from shelters or foster homes. We provide a welcoming space for our Rescue Partners to host adoption days, gather donations, and collaborate on special events and sponsorships.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership that not only helps pets find their forever homes but also supports the dedicated rescues that work tirelessly to keep animals off the streets. If your organization shares our commitment to animal rescue and wants to make a difference in the lives of pets in need, we invite you to apply to become a Hollywood Feed Rescue Partner. Together we can work towards ensuring every pet finds a forever home in our shared communities.

Apply to be a Rescue Partner Link to Rescue Partner Cover Letter PDF

Community Partners

Our Community Partners encompass a diverse range of organizations, including pet pantries, search & rescue teams, animal awareness groups, rescue fundraising groups, and animal medical care groups. We provide a welcoming space for our Community Partners to showcase their mission, raise funds for their cause, and collaborate on meaningful events and sponsorships.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a mutually beneficial partnership that empowers these organizations to enhance animal welfare in our communities while fostering a brighter future for our beloved pets. If your organization shares this passion and wants to join forces in making a difference, we invite you to apply to become a Hollywood Feed Community Partner and stand alongside us in our mission to better the lives of animals in our communities.

Apply to be a Community Partner Link to Community Partner Cover Letter PDF

Words From Our Partners

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside

I wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the most generous donation made to FIDO on behalf of Hollywood Feed! We were so thrilled to receive the funds, they will do so much to help vulnerable dogs living outside in Indianapolis. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support, it means so much.
- Friends Of Indianapolis Dogs Outside

We are so grateful for Hollywood Feed’s support and partnership with the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County! From a very generous yearly food credit that allows us to feed our animals the highest quality food, to financial support of our events and fundraisers, Hollywood Feed has been an incredible partner. Most importantly, Hollywood Feed plays an integral part of our youth education programming every summer at Animal Explorers Camp to help break the cycle of neglect, cruelty and abuse through teaching kids about empathy and responsible pet ownership.
- Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County

Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County
Columbus Humane Society

Columbus Humane's partnership with Hollywood Feed is integral to our mission. From supporting homeless pets coming into our shelter to helping new pet families with all their needs, Hollywood Feed strengthens the bond between pets and their people. Thank you for making Columbus Humane, Hollywood Feed!
- Columbus Humane Society

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