Chasing our Tails - 20% Off Select Treats

These featured treats are 100% U.S. Sourced, U.S. Made and single ingredient. Choose Pumpkin Chunks for sensitive tummies, Turkey Twists or Jerky for a novel protein, or Bully Medallions for a long-lasting chew.

Buy one, get one FREE! Puppy Food 4 lb and 14 lb bags

Country Naturals Puppy Foods are made in Upstate New York. Cooked at a low temperature, this puppy food offers optimum nutrition for your growing pup!

Natural doesn’t have to be expensive! Fromm Classic 33# bags are just $34.99!

Made from chicken, barley, and rice -- with no corn, wheat or soy -- this simple formula is loved by dogs & owners everywhere. Costing just 80 cents a day to feed (to an average 50 lb dog) --what’s not to love?

Save 25% on all Cocolicious and Organic cans

Cocolicious diets are mixed with rich coconut oil for healthy skin and coats. Party Animal’s Organic cans are certified USDA Organic.

Buy one, get one HALF OFF! all 3#, 4#, 7#, & 10# boxes

Honest Kitchen is gently dehydrated for maximum nutrient retention from cooking. It’s also 100% Human Grade, as well as wheat, corn, soy, GMO, and preservative free!

Save 25% on all Classic Cat cans

Weruva diets are all free of grains, GMO’s, MSG, and carrageenans -- so you know you’re feeding your cat the absolute best!

Unique Protein Cat & Dog Formulas $4 off 3# Nuggets and $8 off 6# Patties • Venison, Pork, Duck, & Rabbit Formulas •

Now is the perfect time to try these unique proteins if your dog or cat is having issues with their current food. Primal is natural and healthy, made with meat that is antibiotic and steroid free.

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New Day Beds are $20 OFF!

Our classic day bed is now available in a new adorable pattern, and it features a two inch foam bottom for extra support and comfort.

There’s room for everyone on our XXL rectangle beds that feature 8 pounds of polyester fiber fill and a 3 inch foam pad.

XXL Rectangle Beds

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UpCountry Embroidered Collars

Pick your favorite colors from our line of high-quality bamboo collars, select the text, and we’ll have it embroidered and ship it right to your home!

10% off all Pet Kelp Formulas!

Pet Kelp is a seaweed-based nutrition booster for dogs and cats. Designed to be added to a good food, the powdered seaweed formulas provide the extra minerals and vitamins that they need to complete their nutritional needs.

This tote is perfect for storing all those toys that are usually scattered all over the floor. Made with quality materials, this stylish bag can be folded over to allow for easier access and to show the inner pattern.

Be One Breed Goodie Bags 10% OFF

Jellybean Rugs Buy one, get one FREE!

These adorable rugs claim they’ll wash better than your blue jeans, and they’re not lying! They’re the easiest to clean, and they always come out of the washer looking new.

We not only have Mighty mushrooms for your pets, but for YOU too! Mushroom blends support a healthy lifestyle, strengthen immunity, boost energy levels, and keep you performing at your best!

20% off Immunity, Energy, & Fit Supplements for HUMANS!

Skinneeez Dog Toys Buy one, get one HALF OFF!

Avoid the mess with every dog’s favorite toy - Skinneeez! Let’s be honest, most dogs enjoy shredding a plush toy, and with Skinneeez Stuffing Free Dog Toys, there’s no mess to clean up!

A dog trainer starter kit! Clicker training is an excellent way to help your pet understand exactly when they’ve done exactly what you’ve asked. Ask a Feed Team member for details.

Petsafe Treat Pouch Buy one, get one free CLICKER!

New Spot Cat Toys 20% off

With cork, fuzz, bells, springs, & feathers, these toys are certain to please every kitty with their variety of textures and sounds!

Dog Food Now Available

In the 1950s, Hollywood Feed opened our first pet supply store on the corner of Hollywood Street and Chelsea Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. We started as a local feed store for the surrounding Delta farmland, and ultimately became a trusted neighborhood purveyor of pet supplies as the city of Memphis grew up around us. Hollywood Feed was known for friendly and knowledgeable service then; service that continues to this day. We now have locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas with new locations opening all the time. Our philosophy never changes as we continue to provide unmatched service and honest value to our loyal customers offering only the best products that we ourselves test and believe in. We've kept the name Hollywood Feed, despite some confusion, because we want to draw attention to our past and the pet lovers who started the company, the pet lovers who worked tirelessly over the years, and the pet lovers who shopped with us loyally to make the company what it is today. 

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