Wholesome Hide Flat Knot Bone 10-11 Inch

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Product Description

Wholesome Hide rawhide treats are independently certified to be 100% made and sourced in the USA. Fresh USA beef hide is safer, more flavorful, and longer lasting than imported chews. They provide a natural outlet for dogs' chewing instincts and keep dogs’ teeth & gums healthy.

  • We are the only rawhide manufacturer independently certified to be made in the USA with 100% USA sourced ingredients.
  • Our rawhides are safer because they’re made and sourced in the USA and naturally processed. You never need to worry about chemicals or contaminants.
  • Wholesome Hide’s products smell like a butcher shop while imports usually smell like a chemical factory! This makes a big difference to our dogs.
  • Our rawhides are tastier for dogs because our fresh hides and natural processing retains the natural collagen and fats that provide the delicious flavor that most imported products lack.
  • USA made hides are thicker and tougher than the overly processed, imported treats. This also makes them safer, because dogs can't break off big sharp pieces, just small soft ones.
  • Our high-quality rawhide treats help to keep dogs’ teeth clean and their gums in good condition.

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