Tucker's Chicken Wraps - 12oz


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Product Description

With all of the problems with foreign sourced Chicken breast treats….we went to work. Our treats made in Wisconsin and made from USDA, USA/Canadian chicken breast. This product is produced under USDA oversight and from 100% human grade raw materials. No chemicals or preservatives are used in their preparation. They are individually wrapped for added convenience. Loose internal wrapping does not affect the treats safety or nutrition. THIS IS A NATURAL PRODUCT with all of nature’s imperfections. You may occasionally see white fat or protein streaking. This should not be mistaken for mold. Why do we do all of this?

Why do we do all of this? Because Dogs Are Worth It!!

Chicken Wraps: Chicken breast

Chicken and Apple Wraps: Chicken breast and apple

Chicken and Bacon Wraps: Chicken breast and bacon

Chicken and Banana Wraps: Chicken breast and banana

Vendor : Tucker's

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