Gunner Kennel - Large

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Product Description

Made with the highest quality materials and created using the best processes, the G1™ Large is engineered with the same scrutiny as the G1™ Intermediate. Like the Intermediate, the G1™ Large includes a lockable door, water­repelling window vents, designated tie­down pins, rubber feet, super­strong carry handles, an oversized drain plug and drainage system, all stainless­-steel components, and a wider base to prevent rollovers – plus, it features in­line wheels for easy transport. The G1™ double­walled construction helps shield your dog against the elements & our tests have shown a significant difference in Gunner Kennels® interior crate temps – in both cold and hot weather – compared to other crates.

With an estimated 100,000 dogs killed each year from falling out of truck beds, there’s no more looking in your rearview mirror only to see your kennel sliding or shaking. This is the last crate you’ll ever have to buy. Man’s Best Friend deserves Man’s Best Kennel®.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • American Made
  • Patented Design
  • Top Performer in Center For Pet Safety’s 2015 Crash Test Study, Sponsored by Subaru of America

G1 Large Kennel Dimensions:

  • Exterior dimensions: 40"(L) x 28.5" (W) x 33" (H)
  • Interior dimensions: 34"(L) x 21"(W) x 29"(H)
  • Kennel fits most dogs up to 110lbs

    How do I clean my Gunner Kennel?

      • Simple. With our large removable drain plug, go to any car wash with a pressure washer, open the drain plug and spray it out. Don't worry. It can handle it. (Make sure your dog is out of the kennel, of course).

    When will you have smaller size kennels available for purchase

      • Gunner Kennels is working on perfecting them now. However, smaller dogs fit safely and comfortably in the G1 Intermediate™. Not to mention, it’s super easy to strap down in SUVs and minivans.

    How much do the G1 Intermediate™ and G1 Large™ Kennels weigh?

      • The G1 Intermediate™ Kennel weighs approximately 45 pounds and the G1 Large™ will be around 70 pounds. Both come standard with kayak-grade handles for easy lifting and the G1 Large™ includes wheels for easy transport.

    Do you have a kennel cover that fits the kennel?

      • The fact that our kennel is double-wall, roto-molded ideally eliminates the need for a kennel cover. The kennel will naturally keep your dog warmer in cold weather, regardless if there is a kennel cover or not. We will be offering a window cover insert as well to help keep your dog warm in the colder months.

    Can the Kennel be locked into a truck bed?

      • Absolutely. We have created a Security Kennel Lock Kit with a high-strength, stainless steel lock bracket designed to install in 6 different positions on the kennel. The kit comes with a stainless steel security bolt and key to install. All you’ll need is a lock and chain.

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