Halie Snider knew exactly what she wanted for her 14th birthday. She wanted a rescue puppy. The dog she would adopt would soon become the love of the family. Zayda, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix, loved to spend time doing anything with the Sniders. Life was good. Six years forward in April 2014, tragedy. Their beloved Zayda was in danger and not expected to live.

Zayda became violently ill. She was unable to keep any food down. Vanessa rushed her to their veterinarian. The doctor feared she had pancreatitis, but multiple visits and an exploratory surgery revealed she was suffering from pancreatic cancer. The vet gave her a few days to live.

The cancer was far too advanced to treat. Her veterinarian closed her incision, left the shunt in her leg to easily put her to sleep, and sent her home with a few days worth of pain meds. He recommended they love on her and say their goodbyes.

Desperately searching for hope, Vanessa found Hollywood Feed. She walked in and explained that she needed something to give Zayda that provided the vitamins and minerals she needed. Our Feed Team member immediately suggested goat’s milk.

Zayda improved almost immediately, but she had a long way to go. Week after week, Zayda’s vet was amazed at her progress, telling Vanessa not to change a thing she was doing, including the goat’s milk diet.

That was two years ago.

Today Zayda is full of life and energy, and everyone around her is completely astonished. Her family and veterinarian know they can’t for sure say the goat's milk helped save her life, but they can say she shouldn't be here right now and she is.