Tasman's Natural Pet

Why we love it:

Goodman Tasman’s company began as a producer of raw cattle hides for the leather industry in 1947. The company was known for it’s quality, reliability, and beauty. In 2007, the Louisville, Kentucky based company acquired a tannery in Hartford, Wisconsin and began to develop the bison raw hides into chew treats for dogs.

Tasman’s is dedicated to quality. The bison are raised entirely without antibiotics or growth hormones. They live on family ranches predominantly the way they did thousands of years ago, grazing on the pesticide free prairies of the north and west. Tasman’s Natural Pet line includes premium bison rawhide chews and soft meat treats.

Why Tasman's bison chews are great for your dog:

Bison are truly natural animals, raised sustainably and humanely without antibiotics or growth hormones. While they're ranch raised, the live predominately the way they did thousands of years ago - grazing on the pesticide free prairies of North America.

In a nutshell, bison is: 
  • high in protein
  • high in iron and B-12
  • lower in cholesterol
  • lower in fat
  • raised without hormones
  • raised without antibiotics
  • low to non-allergenic
  • sustainable
  • raised in America
  • Tasman's only uses USDA inspected bison

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your Bison Rawhides more digestible than regular rawhides? We have heard that rawhides are not digestible.
What if my dog has never had rawhide? I gave him a chew and he had an upset stomach afterwards.
Why are some of your Bison Rawhide Chews very dark in color?
Do your chews have any harmful chemicals or Bleach?
How are your Bison Rawhide Chews made?
Why does the package say 'Product of U.S.A.' but then says 'Processed in Mexico?
I bought a different brand treat that said it was 'Grass Fed Buffalo', but it is from India. Are these different from your Premium Buffalo Bones?

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