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Hollywood Feed Rescue Partner Terms and Conditions

Hollywood Feed (“HF”) encourages partnerships with local rescue groups (“Group” or “Groups”) after we become acquainted with prospective Groups, perform an evaluation, and issue a formal approval. Once approved, Groups may conduct adoption events (“Event” or “Events”) at local Hollywood Feed locations by advance arrangement and express approval of the Store Manager, and Hollywood Feed Corporate personnel.

Hollywood Feed reserves the right at all times to rescind or/or revoke its determination about the feasibility or appropriateness of conducting adoption events at a particular Hollywood Feed location, or with a particular Group. Every Group Event at a Hollywood Feed location is at all times subject to the continuous approval of the Store manager and Hollywood Feed Corporate personnel, which approval may be revoked at any time.

Group agrees to the following:

  • To keep the adoption area clean and to clean up after the animals and group members -- both during the event and before they leave for the day. Broom, cleaning supplies and trash can will be made available to Group during adoption hours.
  • Not to administer any medications or vaccinations to Group’s animals on the HF premises
  • To bring only the number of participating volunteers required by the municipal code or other law, per animal, up to a maximum of one volunteer per animal.
  • Not to block entrances, exits or retail aisles in the HF facility.
  • Not to impede the retail traffic flow within and outside of the HF location.
  • Not to promote retail products in direct competition with products offered by HF, e.g., by promoting brands that are not offered by HF.
  • Not to promote companies or facilities in direct competition with HF while at our location(s).
  • To promote the help of our staff when discussing retail items.
  • Group Volunteers will not argue nutritional beliefs with HF employees, while engaging customers at any HF location, online (social media or email), in writing or verbally.
  • Group and Group Volunteers shall refrain from posting or publishing on any publicly available platform: (1) any non-favorable statements referencing HF or any HF store location, (2) any statements containing the names or personal information of HF personnel; and (3) any statements containing the name of any individual whatsoever without first obtaining the express written consent of the individual to be named.
  • To procure and agree upon adoption event dates and times with each HF location’s manager.
  • To give 48 hours advance notice if cancelling an adoption event, by written email notice to the store manager and store location.
  • All animals for adoption must be fully vaccinated and be spayed or neutered. Puppies must have completed all three sets of puppy shots before they can attend adoption events or have documentation that the puppies have had two sets of shots and have been monitored in a home environment for a minimum of two weeks prior to participating in an adoption event.
  • Puppies are allowed to attend in store adoption events unaltered until they reach six months of age. If the animal must remain intact due to a medical condition or veterinary suggestion, the organization must request advance approval from Event and Rescue Group Coordinator and provide supporting documentation from a veterinarian.
  • To notify the Event and Rescue Group Coordinator at HF immediately upon discovering any rescue animal that has become ill within 7 days of an adoption event. Failure to follow this policy can and will result in suspension or termination of partnership with HF.
  • Group ensures all animals in their care, whether under direct care or care of foster families, are properly fed, vetted, housed, and humanely treated.
  • While on Hollywood Feed premises, Group is at all times fully responsible for all animals brought by Group. These animals are not to be left unattended.
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted on HF premises. Any aggressive act by a dog which is the responsibility of Group, its consequences or results of aggressive actions, whether physically harmful or not, is the full and complete responsibility of Group. Any animal exhibiting unprovoked aggressive behavior will be required to leave the event immediately.
  • Any agreement between Group and HF store must be in writing via email. All emails must include the volunteer/staff member in charge of adoption days, the HF location and the HF manager.
  • Upon accepting donations and signing this agreement, Group agrees to use the donations provided by Hollywood Feed solely for animals in the current and direct care of Group. Items donated by Hollywood Feed may not be returned for cash, card (credit card, debit, bank card), or store credit. Items may not be exchanged. Items may not be sold, donated or auctioned off for revenue of any kind for rescue group or any individual, with the exception of items specifically donated for silent auction or similar fundraising events. If any items donated are not necessary at any time, Group agrees to contact local Hollywood Feed representative to redirect the use of the items.
  • Donations are subject to supply and regulation of HF location manager and/or corporate personnel. Donations are made at the Store Manager’s discretion. All donations and pickups must be coordinated with the HF store location manager .

Additional Statements

1. Using our retail facilities for meet & greet adoption days. Upon approval, Groups will coordinate with Hollywood Feed locations convenient to them to schedule adoption days. No days or schedules are guaranteed; adoption days/schedules are at the discretion of the Hollywood Feed location manager. If standards set forth by Hollywood Feed are not met by the Group, the Group will be reviewed and future partnership with Hollywood Feed will be determined.

2. The knowledge of our staff to help promote a healthy lifestyle for dogs and cats. Our staff attends over 40+ hours of continuing education each year and are happy to help make suggestions to customers, adoptees and volunteers during adoption days. We believe that supporting a healthy diet and lifestyle is important to the longevity and well-being of a pet. High quality foods can reduce skin and stomach issues. Promoting supplements and training aids helps keep adopted pets in homes. While on the premises, the Group may make product suggestions specific to products which Hollywood Feed sells. The promotion of other products or facilities in direct competition with Hollywood Feed while at our locations is inappropriate and should be discouraged.

3. Possible Donations from Hollywood Feed. Once Group is an approved Rescue Partner, based on the experience between the Group and Hollywood Feed location(s) at which the group holds regular adoption events, the group is eligible to receive donations from Hollywood Feed. These donations rely on factors such as, but not limited to, availability of products, donation allotment, and success of relationship between the two entities.

4. Rescue Partner Violations and Suspensions. Any violation by Group of the Terms and Conditions, customer complaints, and/or incidents (“Incident” or “Incidents”) may result in immediate termination of the Event, suspension of future Events or termination of partnership, all at Hollywood Feed option. In the event Hollywood Feed elects to investigate an Incidents before making a determination regarding continued partnership. Group agrees that it will not contact HF store employees concerning the Incident while the investigation is pending. Hollywood Feed reserves the right to terminate partnership with a group in its sole and absolute discretion

5. HF adoption discount. HF offers a $20 off for any purchases over $50 with adoption paperwork, as well as a free small bag of Nutrisource and Country Naturals brand foods. By signing this agreement, and upon approval, Group agrees to provide the adoption discount flyers to each adopting person or family. These flyers are available at the HF location in which Group hosts adoption events, through a member of the HF location’s management team. Only approved Group representatives may ask for or provide these discount flyers to adoptive families.

6. Group agrees that this Agreement and Group’s activities at or in connection with any Hollywood Feed location are expressly subject to the Rescue Partner Terms and Conditions , which can be found on the Hollywood Feed website http://www.hollywoodfeed.com/rescue-partner-tos. Group agrees it shall at all times abide by the Rescue Partner Terms and Conditions , as amended from time to time.

7. HF is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate ANY type of discrimination from Group volunteers or representatives while at HF adoption events. This also includes breed discrimination.

8. Liability Insurance. Group agrees to make a good faith effort to obtain commercial general liability insurance coverage ("CGL policy" or "CGL coverage"), naming Hollywood Feed, LLC, as an "Additional Insured". The CGL policy will provide CGL coverage for any Events occuring at, or in relation to, any Hollywood Feed store location. Group agrees to cooperate with Hollywood Feed in the event of any claim(s) under the Group's CGL policy. Group will supply a Certificate of Insurance evidencing its CGL coverage and Hollywood Feed's status as an Additional Insured on an annual basis, and on Hollywood Feed's request for same.

9. Release and Waiver of All Claims. As a condition to conducting Events at any Hollywood Feed location, Groups are required to execute a formal Release and Waiver of all Claims (“Release and Waiver”). The substance of the Release and Waiver governs all Group activities, including Events, at or in connection with any Hollywood Feed location. The text of the Release and Waiver appears below.

I, the undersigned Rescue Group Signatory (“ Signatory”) both personally and as authorized Signatory for the Rescue Group and for any party whatsoever claiming by, through or under me or the Rescue Group DO HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, CAUSES OF ACTION AND ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER which may be asserted by Signatory or any Signatory Party against HOLLYWOOD FEED, LLC (“Hollywood Feed”), its agents, representatives, affiliates, employees, officers, managers, members, and assigns (“Hollywood Feed Party”), including but not limited to claims for: personal injury or any other damage or harm, or negligence and gross negligence; and claims for damage to or loss of property.

This Release and Waiver is knowingly and voluntarily made. Signatory voluntarily assumes all risks, known and unknown, including by way of example and not limitation, risks of: psychological or emotional injury, disfigurement, short-term and long-term disability, paralysis, and death. This Release and Waiver may be entered as a Consent Order of Dismissal in any cause of action related to the subject of the Release and Waiver, or the rights thereby released, which may be asserted by Signatory or any Signatory Party against Hollywood Feed or any Hollywood Feed Party. In the event any provision in this Release and Waiver shall be found to be unenforceable or contrary to law, then such portion shall be excised and the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.

Signatory agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Hollywood Feed and all Hollywood Feed Parties from and against any claim, loss or expense arising out of Signatory’s acts or omissions at any event held at any Hollywood Feed location. Signatory shall keep in place, and Hollywood Feed shall be and is hereby named an additional insured under, a general liability policy of insurance in commercially reasonable amounts sufficient to fund any such claim(s), loss(es) and expense(s). Signatory agrees to execute any commercially reasonable agreement(s) acknowledging Hollywood Feed’s status as an additional insured. Signatory shall provide proof of such insurance, and Hollywood Feed’s status as an additional insured, to Hollywood Feed upon request.

This Agreement and all of the obligations hereunder shall survive for a period of: (i) three (3) years from the last contact between the undersigned Rescue Group and Hollywood Feed, LLC. Venue for any disputes arising hereunder shall lie in the courts of Shelby County, Tennessee, and this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Tennessee, without regard to conflict of law principles. For the convenience of the parties, this Agreement may be executed by electronic signature; a printed or electronic copy of the electronically executed document shall be given all the force and effect of a holographic original. No legal partnership exists or is created between the Rescue Group and Hollywood Feed, LLC, by execution of this Agreement. The undersigned affirms under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, that he/she is authorized to execute this document on behalf of Rescue Group Parties.

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