Penelope: The Gentle Giant

Penelope: The Gentle Giant

Harlequin Great Danes. Large, stoic dogs who tend to be the biggest lap dogs in the world! It's no secret these dogs don't actually fit in your lap, but I've never met one that wouldn't try. “Penelope is a total lap dog, and she lays on the couch every chance she gets!” explains her owner, Shannon Cagle. “She has to be right up on you to where you have to move seats!”

The seven month old has two doggie siblings, an 11 week old rescue Great Dane and a dappled Dachshund that she enjoys playing with in the yard and riding with in the car (where she recently discovered the sun roof). This gentle giant loves taking care of her smaller friends. And she honestly might not even realize she's a big as she is! Oh, I forgot to mention that Penelope also enjoys watching Blue's Clues but gets frustrated with Steve at times. Dog's can be so funny!

Enjoys these pictures of Penelope and her friends as we continue to celebrate National Dog Week.


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  • Billie Claire Darby
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