Holistic Focus on Health with Holistic Select

Holistic Focus on Health with Holistic Select

Dr. Al Townsend, a former veterinarian, gave this training class for Hollywood Feed. Holistic Select has been with Hollywood Feed since Shawn McGhee bought the company in 2006, and remains one of their best pet foods.

Focus On Digestive Health

Holistic Select really sets itself apart from other brands by focusing on the digestive health of your pet. The digestive tract is very important for your pet. It breaks down nutrients, absorbs and transports nutrients, eliminates waste and prevents bad bacteria from entering the body. 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract! Holistic Select takes this seriously.

Holistic Select manufactures their dry foods in their own facility and uses three plants for their canned foods. Holistic Select and Eagle Pack are both sold exclusively in independent markets-you will not find them mixed in with the grocery store brands!

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Fiber, Enzymes, and Botanicals

Probiotics are in all of the Holistic Select and Eagle Pack pet foods. Probiotics are the good bacteria that you want in your body to produce added nutrients as well as optimize digestion and absorption of vital nutrients your pet receives through food.

Holistic Select also includes prebiotics in their formulas. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics and help to extend the effects of the probiotics. The prebiotics are supplied through inulin (from chickory root) and beet pulp.

There are natural fibers in Holistic Select pet foods that promote digestive regularity and help remove waste from the body. The source for fiber comes from tomato pumice, oatmeal, flaxseed and beet pulp.

Digestive enzymes are another important part of the Holistic Select formula. These start to work as soon as saliva from your pet’s mouth touches the food. The enzymes promote absorption and high bioavailability of the nutrients.

Finally, natural botanicals that aid in digestion are included in the formulas, including: papayas, yucca shidigera, pomegranate, fennel, cinnamon, peppermint and pumpkin.

Puppy Considerations

It is important to consider certain things when shopping for puppy food. You want to make sure you’re getting the right food for your breed-meaning toy, small, medium, large, and giant breeds each have different nutritional requirements during the early months of life! You also want to make sure your food includes probiotics and DHA. Holistic Select offers breed-appropriate foods!

Adult Dogs

For your adult dog, it is important to maintain the optimum level of nutrients to support his activity level. He may be a super busy and athletic dog like my Annie, who needs more calories daily than my bigger, but a lazier dog, Skeeter! Also, regular exercise is an important part of health in your adult dog. Daily walks are great!! Holistic Select has done research feeding their food to Iditarod dogs, show dogs, and giant breeds, so they know what it takes to feed champions.


When your dog is a senior, there are some different nutritional needs to consider. Your dog may be slowing down some and not burning as many calories, so your food needs to contain less fat and moderate amounts of protein. You should also choose a food that includes omega 3 fats and glucosamine (and possibly additional glucosamine supplements). Exercise will still be a huge part of keeping your dog healthy through his golden years. My two older dogs, Annie (9) and Skeeter (10) have both been using glucosamine for about two years now, and they can still run like puppies at the dog park!

Cats, Too!

Cats are carnivores just like dogs! They need a diet with high protein and fat. They also need a food that has moisture and addresses possible urinary tract issues that may arise over time. Exercise is very important for cats, too!


NEVER feed your dog or cat to satisfy his appetite. Instead, feed to maintain lean body mass. A feeding guide on a bag of food is simply that-a guide. Depending on how active (or inactive) your pet is, and how fast his metabolism naturally burns, you will need to feed more or less food than recommended. Make sure your animal maintains a trim waistline for good health and long life!

Holistic Select has great food options for all breeds and life-stages of dogs, as well as for all cats. Their focus on the digestive health needs of your pet is their signature, and they have healthy ingredients in all of their pet foods.


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