Honestly, We Can Feed Honest Kitchen's Pet Food to Our Kids!

Honestly, We Can Feed Honest Kitchen's Pet Food to Our Kids!

In fact, the founder of Honest Kitchen uses her dogs and her children as taste testers! This is because Honest Kitchen’s pet food is made of real, human grade whole food in a human-grade plant. The FDA gave them permission to say this because it is true! You won’t find any other pet food companies making this claim.

Here’s an adorable and hilarious look inside this family owned company:

How It All Began

At Hollywood Feed’s latest training class, Lucy Postins, the founder of Honest Kitchen, described why she started this company in 2002 out of her own kitchen. She was working for a pet food company at the time, but her dog was having health issues. She wanted to cook a raw diet for her dog, and did for a while….but it made quite a mess in the kitchen and took up all of her refrigerator space. She decided to try dehydrating the food since there was no dehydrated pet food on the market at the time. Oh, and her dog’s health issues cleared right up.

Health Benefits

Some health benefits of feeding Honest Kitchen:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased appetite-good for underweight dogs
  • Can clear up chronic ear infections, urinary tract and kidney issues
  • Good for your dog or cat’s skin and coat
  • Better digestion
  • Reduction in itchiness
  • Can help with weight control (especially if we can all learn to follow feeding instructions)

So Easy To Make!

At the training class, we all opened packages of the dehydrated food, mixed it with some warm water, waited three minutes, and fed it to all of the working dogs at Hollywood Feed (there are A LOT). Some of the employees even tried it! Diagnosis: it needs some salt for human consumption, but the dogs loved it! My Fitzgerald gulped down a bowl in a matter of seconds. All in all, it was very easy to make and palatable.

Why Choose Dehydrated?

So, why would you want to feed your dog or cat a dehydrated food?

  • It is a complete diet with whole ingredients in a very easy to use form
  • It is good for pets with health issues (which may come from or be aggravated by ingredients in other foods)
  • If you usually feed a raw diet, but are traveling or leaving your pet with a friend, this is super easy and convenient!
  • If you are really into home-made food, this is a great option!
  • It can also be a great topping to your pet’s regular kibble

Fitzgerald has been eating Honest Kitchen since the day of the training class, and he loves it! There are trial sizes available in the stores if you are unsure and want to give it a try. We are fans at my house!

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