Happy Tails - Murph

Happy Tails - Murph

He started out wandering the streets of North Memphis, then ended up wandering the halls of the Hollywood Feed corporate office. Now he's wandering around his forever home with his new buddy, Pita, and his new cats, Frankie, Garth, and Boo. I'd say this definitely qualifies as a Happy Tail.

About six months back, in August of 2014, a matted and hungry young pup found his way to the home of Anne and Adam Ross. He didn’t know it would be his last day of roaming the streets alone. He had no clue the people inside the house would be so loving and kind. He couldn’t have known they would be the ones to take him in and feed him. But it was his lucky day.

The first day Murph found Anne and Adam, and then his first day at the office:

"We were actually terrified he would need leg surgery when we first found him; he was carrying his back leg.  Luckily, the vet said that it was a soft tissue injury, probably from being hit by a car or kicked, and it healed over the course of 4-6 weeks!"

With a good report from a vet visit, but no microchip or anyone claiming him, they began searching for his new forever home. Murph was young and was definitely a puppy. Anne and Adam spent time with him every day working on training. They had fallen in love with this little pup and wanted him to have the best chance to find the best home possible. They knew if they put the work into helping him grow into a well-behaved dog, he would find that perfect home.

Murph heading to the office with Anne, then working on place training with Dolcezza.

Today, with the help of The Streetdog Foundation, we can say he found his home. He now calls Sam and Heidi Grundy his parents, and has a canine sister, Pita, and his feline family, Frankie, Garth, and Boo. He and Pita hit it off immediately. They love running and playing at Shelby Farms. The cats of the house aren’t warming up to him quite as quickly but they just keep to themselves and slowly interact with Murph more and more. Whether or not they want to be best friends right now, they are very happy he’s a member of their family.

Heidi says it’s no doubt that Murph’s favorite meal is breakfast. He also loves to work on learning tricks (for treats, of course), and his favorite special treat is pig ears.

We loved having Murph around the office, but we are all so happy that he found a forever home. He is loved beyond measure, by us and his new family. We couldn’t be happier for him.

To donate or see adoptable dogs from The Streetdog Foundation, click here.

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