Do You Cook for Your Dog or Cat?

Do You Cook for Your Dog or Cat?

Do you ever think about your dog or cat when you are preparing a home cooked meal for your family? Do they let you forget about them? I know my three dogs sit and wait expectantly anytime I’m in the kitchen, hoping to get a piece of whatever I am preparing. If we take the time to prepare healthy and fresh meals for our children and spouses, then why don’t we do it for our pets? Are we worried that it will be too time-consuming or too difficult? This is not the case! As you will see when you read on, there are many ways to prepare meals at home for our pets, so consider cooking for your pet today, on National Cook For Your Pets Day-November 1st!

Home-Preparation of a Complete Diet

The main thing to remember when we are preparing meals for our pets, especially if the meals we prepare are the only thing they are eating, is to make sure we are feeding them a whole diet with all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to be healthy and happy.


If you decide to start preparing all of your pet’s meals, you MUST consider nutrition! Here is an easy to understand article by The Whole Dog Journal about your dog’s nutritional needs. The main thing to take away from this is that we should feed our pets a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and grains, which are full of vitamins and nutrients, and not just chicken and rice forever! Just like with humans, not every meal needs to contain everything your pet needs in his diet. You must just make sure that your pet gets a variety of meals, which when combined add up to a balanced and complete diet. You will want to be especially careful about this with growing puppies and kittens. Also, pets with certain health concerns may need a more specific diet. You may also need to add some supplements to your home-prepared diet.


If you want to cook meals for your pet at home, I recommend preparing a big batch in advance and then freezing portions to make your life easier. There are some cookbooks available for purchase if you plan to start cooking your pet’s meals regularly: Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats and K9 Kitchen are two good ones with which to start. If you just want to give cooking for your dog or cat a try, start with these recipes:

Dogs: Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe 

Cats: Chicken and Eggs Recipe. This recipe makes sure to include taurine, very important for cats, through heart and liver meat, but a supplement can also be used. You must include taurine in your cat’s homemade diet!

Home-Preparation of a Partial Diet

If preparing your dog’s meals from scratch sounds like a little too much, I do understand! There is a way to partially prepare food at home to supplement packaged pet food. The Honest Kitchen has several different base mixes for dogs, which only need the protein added to make a complete diet. That’s something everyone can do, no matter how little time we like to spend in the kitchen.

Check out The Honest Kitchen’s story here. And read more about the training class they came and gave to Hollywood Feed staff here. They make great foods for dogs and cats, and you can find their base mixes (and complete diets) at your local Hollywood Feed.

A good option for the protein you can mix with Honest Kitchen’s bases, is Answers Straight chicken, beef or pork, which are raw! Answers makes many great raw products for our pets, including a complete diet called Answers Detailed. However, Answers Straight is a great option if you want to be a little more involved in mixing your dog’s meal at home. Read more about Answers Pet Food here.

Scraps From the Kitchen

If cooking for your pet just isn’t your thing, don’t worry-I have an idea! It is completely okay to toss scraps from the kitchen to our dogs (and cats if they will eat it) when we are preparing meals for ourselves. My dogs love to eat carrot tops, celery ends, potato and cucumber peel, slices of pear and apple, and pretty much anything else that I was going to throw away or of which I have a little too much for my recipe. I know that some people may have picky dogs who turn their nose up at anything that isn’t meat scraps, but if you teach your dog that veggies are good from a young age, then they will be able to enjoy them all their lives-and you won’t have to waste any food!

 So let’s all make a little time today to make some dog tails wag and some cats meow with delicious and healthy home-prepared foods-no matter if we cook a full meal or just toss them a few scraps. Your furry friends will definitely thank you!

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  • Jessie Isbell
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  • Wanda

    I cook every Sunday for my 2 GIANT babies as well as for me and the hubby for the week. Our dogs are a “small” Mastiff (I dunno by who’s standard that is, and a Great Dane “mix” (looks normal to me). I have a basic recipe that ever changes due to what I can snag on sale. Our mastiff has food allergies to anything store bought (well except those kept in the cooler).. I haven’t tried those since I started cooking for him.. and of course her. I buy chicken leg quarters when on sale for 30 cents a pound and buy like 30-40 pounds (whatever my freezer can hold). Get that chicken home, skin and trim it up and put away in freezer bags (put the trimmings in away for slim times). When I get ready to cook a batch up for them I take a bag of chicken out.. place to boil in a LARGE stock pot. (I did mention these are BIG babies) With the water still cool I survey my pantry for what’s on hand (like I said before I buy when on sale) More times than not I have some dried beans of some kind available too, I just ahead put those in with the chicken to cook (dogs don’t mind the texture of a cooked bean as much as their people do). I normally keep apples, pears and such around as the mastiff LOVES his fresh fruits! (but not pineapple) Like I said buy on sale.. portion and freeze for later..he also loves ice and frozen stuff, bonus for me! We have blackberry plants he is free to feed off of as he likes.. and he does, but he likes certain ones..darker the better. He ate ALL the baby peaches this yr, but a belly ache later I don’t think he will try that again! LOL. Back to the recipe.. so we scoured the pantry, got the chicken cooking along with some beans (usually great northerns) We are blessed the local grocer will GIVE us all the sweet potatos they can’t sell because they start to sprout. Mastiff LOVES sweet potatos!! (raw, cooked.. he doesn’t care)We also raise chickens for eggs.. I take the shells run them thru a grinder to add a bit of calcium to the diet. (oh and yes.. they get eggs too).. by now the pot of goodies is taking shape (don’t forget to add water as it boils off). I can usually find a decent sale on some fresh spinach/spring mix/kale in the local K store and rice is always cheap! in the last 20-30 min of cooking I will estimate how much rise will “thicken” the mix. Add the rice (whole grain if I can). Once the rice is almost done, take it off the low heat.. add the fresh “greens” and voila!! FRESH homemade food for days.. costs about $3-4! MUCH less than store bought. Personally I have WAY too many of these quart sized plastic containers from Chinese food take out (I love my soup). I cool the food, place in those containers and 1 container twice a day each dog is more than filling.. Vet check on dogs they are healthy, coats beautiful, and allergies addressed. and EACH weighs in over 135 pounds!(I did say small early on). I have done this recipe as a “crock pot” recipe adjusting down.. but I did burn out my crock pot running so much. The babies don’t mind it cold.. but I feel better with it warm, guess that is the mama in me!

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