Champion Pet Foods Uses Only the Best Ingredients, Sourced from Local Family Farms 0

Hollywood Feed loves Champion Pet Foods! Champion has a longstanding history of strict and sustainable food safety and manufacturing standards, which is important to Hollywood Feed.

Important Information about Pet Dental Health 0

Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will have some evidence of dental disease by the age of 3? We take care of our teeth, so we should take care of our pet’s teeth as well. Dental health is very important to our pet’s overall health!

Bad Breath Busters 0

Bad breath can be prevented with a little time and energy, but if our adult dogs suddenly develop a terrible case of halitosis, then what should we do? The cause of bad breath could be as simple as a change in food or treats, or there may be reason for concern about a health issue.

Dogs, Cats and Dental Health 0

Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show evidence of dental disease by age 3? That’s a scary statistic and something about which all pet parents should be worried. As people, we usually brush our teeth twice a day (at least), so what should we be doing to make sure our dogs and cats have healthy teeth and gums for their whole lives?

Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Because Our Pets Deserve a Cure 1

Cancer. It’s a word I’ve heard every day in my house for the last 3 ½ years. You see, my husband is an (human) oncologist and you would think we would be used to that word by now, but we are not. It never gets any easier to hear, and he is the doctor no one ever wants to meet. Every day he comes home, he talks on the phone to his patients about what they are facing, what research shows, what he will do to stand beside them, what are their options and who will be there to support them. He spends most of his free time studying, researching, calling other physicians and getting trials approved. Research and treatments have evolved for us humans since those first few cancer cells were discovered in 1951, but that doesn’t make each personal journey any easier once that word is spoken.

  • Laurel Wiedower

6 Ways Puppies and Babies are Just Alike! 1

I’ve had years of experience playing with puppies, but my husband and I have just recently found out that I am pregnant with two babies of our own! So, of course, now I have had babies on the brain. I have been wondering how prepared I am for motherhood, so I have started finding ways to compare babies to puppies, so I can talk myself into feeling more confident!

  • Jessie Isbell
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Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy Provides Hours of Fun for Dogs: A Product Review 0

Does your dog need a new toy? Why not something different from the same old tennis balls, stuffed animals, ropes, and bones? My dogs needed a new toy, so I decided to give Nylabone’s Happy Moppy DuraToy a try with my dogs, and they loved it for different reasons.

Hollywood Feed's Grapevine, TX Store Celebrates 1st Birthday! 2

Coffee, cake pops, cookies and puppies make for the best Saturday morning! We celebrated our 1st birthday for our Grapevine, Texas location with our friends from Dallas Pets Alive.

  • Breanna Fuller
  • Categories: Dogs

Why Should You Buy Your Coffee at a Holistic Pet Store? 0

Most of us have never even seen coffee in a pet store, but now it has officially arrived and for a good reason. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. donates 20% of all proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations.

Lotus’ Delicious Wet Pet Foods are Canned in the United States 0

Have you ever opened some canned food for your dog or cat, sniffed the air, and thought, ‘this smells better than my dinner!’? If not, then you’ve never opened a can of dog or cat food made by Lotus. They use the healthiest and tastiest ingredients out there and even have their own cannery to package their pet food.