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Service Animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Service animals can be not only a very important part of everyday life for people with disabilities, but they can also become a best friend and partner for these same people as well. When our best friend is also the dog who provides life-changing services...

Written by Jessie Isbell — May 12, 2016

10 Ways Your Dog is Telling You He's Stressed

It’s apparent that humans and canines have different ways of communicating with each other, and it’s completely obvious that we sometimes have trouble crossing that communication barrier. As a pet parent, it’s our obligation to learn how our dogs communicate so we can provide the...

Written by Billie Claire Darby — February 15, 2016

What are Food Allergies and How Do I Stop Them?

When our pets have food allergies, it can be very frustrating for pet parents and for our dogs and cats. We don't want our pets to lose hair, itch, and develop hot spots from excessive licking, and neither do they. But, where to start? There...

Written by John Sanders — February 13, 2016