Hollywood Feed believes in helping the communities we serve. We tirelessly seek out American Made products that help improve the lives of our pets because using them helps improve the growth of once-thriving communities in an assortment of industries. Farming, cutting, sewing, patch-making, meat-packing, screen printing and even treat baking businesses are helping us to create product lines with the American worker in mind as well as the dogs that benefit from these quality collaborations. This catalog features a look into the American Made products we are proud to carry at Hollywood Feed and a look at the people behind them.

It was important to us to source all of the materials that went into our Mississippi Made dog beds from the U.S.A. We hit a major roadblock in our search for an American Made patch company. In the end, we found a family business in Missouri that shared our values and the shared belief that it's important to keep people working here at home.


Mississippi Made Donut Beds

Mississippi is where it all began for us. We took a chance on producing and manufacturing a line of dog beds in a once-thriving textile community. After these few years of working with the Mississippi cut & sew shop community we've made a lot more than dog beds. We've made a difference that continues.


Georgia Made Jerky Treats

We saw an opportunity to work with a world-class food packaging company in Georgia to pursue our own line of treats. After formulating the healthiest ingredient combinations we set out to find Georgia farmers that could provide natural ingredients that are used in this healthy line of jerky treats. American Made and Georgia-sourced, this product allows you to treat your dog to healthy ingredients while providing work for Georgia farmers.


Wyoming Made No-Odor Litter

Finding a quality cat litter that reduces odor and remains affordable is a hard thing to do. Wyoming has an abundance of clay deposits making for a perfect place to source the initial ingredients used in clumping cat litter. We've added an American company's chemical that, with daily maintenance, eliminates odor and makes for a more manageable litter box. Special pricing includes two SCENTED bags for $22, two UNSCENTED bags for $21 and save the most when you buy five bags of either for just $50.


FREE Honest Kitchen Proper Topper with purchase of any Acana Heritage Dog Food.

Acana Heritage

Champion Pet Foods is up and running in Kentucky. They've built a world-class kitchen and are sourcing from nearby Kentucky farms to provide regional ingredients that go into their new Heritage line of American Made dog foods. Acana is some of the best pet food in the world and we're happy they are cooking in our country now.


Primal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods uses the highest quality ingredients and facilities to produce their line of frozen raw formulas. Primal is an innovative company that pioneered the process of freeze-drying raw ingredients, making raw diets more accessible and affordable for pet owners seeking the healthiest and most natural diets for their dogs and cats. Primal raw & frozen formulas available in-store only.

Free liver munchie treat with purchase of any frozen formula.


Butcher's Block Pet Treats

American made and sourced, Butcher's Block has a wide variety of sizes to accomodate any dog's taste or preference. They source only top quality USDA inspected Angus crossed cattle and their products are 100% natural. Whether it's a knuckle, a rib, a knee cap, tubes, tips, caps or pizzle sticks, this Nebraska company has a bone for your dog.


Memphis Made Bowties and Flowers

Our Memphis Made bowties are constructed with scrap fabric used after our Mississippi Made Beds are cut and sewn together. They make an attractive addition to any collar, especiall when matched with our line of Mississippi Made collars.


Mississippi Cut & Sewn Orthopedic Beds

The fabrics used in our Cut & Sewn line of beds come from all over the world but are sewn together by the steady hands of the Mississippi sew shops that produce our Mississippi Made line of dog beds. These beds provide an excellent value for an American-handmade dog bed that still supports the Mississippi workforce.


Mississippi Made Crate Mats

These comfortable mats come in five sizes that fit perfectly into our Hollywood Feed wire crates. They are built from the same American sourced materials as the rest of our Mississippi Made bed line. So they will make a difference in your dog's crate as well as the Mississippi cut & sew shops that produce them. Mississippi Made Crate Mats are available in-store only.


Fromm Family Foods

The Fromm family is still running Fromm after their first bag of food rolled off the line in 1949. Their food is all natural and provides excellent nutrition for all life stages of dogs. Fromm foods are available in three varieties; Fromm Classic, Fromm Gold and Fromm Four Star Nutritionals. They take a holistic approach to dog nutrition and there's a reason Fromm is our most popular dog food in our stores.


KONG Widgets

KONG Widgets are made in the U.S.A. The unique rubber compound makes for a bouncy but durable toy. The slots in each Widget allow you to insert treats that extend your dog's interest and give them a job to figure out while having fun.



-Shawn McGhee, Proprietor

Hollywood Feed Promise

If your pet doesn't love it, or if you don't love it, we'll gladly replace or refund it.

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